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Last post of 2016

Only 2 more days to welcome the new year, like it or not, still have to embrace it!

Don't think I will write anymore in these 2 days so this is gonna be the last post of 2016 in Hayley & Herself's blog ;)

But first, let's see what I did during Christmas this year.

Went down South to KL with the whole in laws family and met up with my second BIL and SIL there. Just in time for me to see some nice Christmas decorations.
Actually main purpose is to buy Aden's school necessities and to shop for CNY

Actually the happiest is the kids la! Hungry, we'll feed them. Tired, just whine and cry and got people carry already. Spot something they wanna buy? Just go to gung gung and they will get what they want. Nice to be kids kan? xD

This is the last family trip this year, looking for more trips like this next year!
Here, I would like to thank all of you who come to read and comment and supported me all this while! Sorry for not being able to blog hop so frequently, time is r…

Miscellaneous notes 十二月杂记

Starting off with a portrait of myself =)

I had been wanting to shoot a series of portraits since long time ago but keep delaying due to time constraints. Then one day I told myself to not procrastinate anymore, just do it because life is too short! 😀 Personally I am satisfied with the whole set of photos, something cool, sensual, and mysterious for myself ;) Some cannot share labecause a bit exposed so just showing one haha!
Ok la, one more =)
其实很久以前就想拍特写了不过不知怎么就一直拖。。。 然后不知怎样有一天就za za lam 和摄影师约好日期和时间,顺便book了酒店房,就这样花了大概3小时完成了拍摄哈哈!(再不拍就老了啦!xD) 整体来说我很满意这次的特写!有甜美,耍酷,性感和神秘的fu~~ 有些不方便share所以就放两张好了嘻嘻!
Hubby celebrated his big 33th birthday last month, he is a very low profile person so as usual, we did not had anything grand, just a small cake cutting and birthday song singing session at home.
Thanks for everything my darling, the kids and I love you deep deep!!  孩子的爸上个月尾生日,他不喜欢pattern多多所以我们就在家唱生日歌切蛋糕简简单单的过了~  肉麻长气的话不多说,大家心里懂,感谢我家abang一直以来的付出,我和孩子们爱你深深哦!<3

Parents in law were…

Awesome deals!

Hi! If you don't remember, I actually own a small online business which consists of beauty products as well as some health products ;)
View the updated post HERE.

This month there is some Christmas promotion which I think is very worth to invest on snd I wanna share it here.

Scroll down if you are interested.

1. Return Legacy Christmas gift set

A very nice looking gift set which contain of one bottle of 60ml H+, one 20ml activator hydro, one Fresh cleanser foam and 2 pieces of hydrating masks. This set is worth only RM 160!
The term is to purchase/maintain RL products worth RM 425 and above ;) Don't be shocked to see the price, do the maths and you'll agree with me that it's a super deal!

2. TangBeiBei brown sugar trial packs worth only RM 25!! The trial pack includes a wooden spoon and 4 different flavors of handmade brown sugar (Rose, Ginger, Red Dates which are fixed, and another flavor you can choose between Osmanthus or Herbs).
This brown sugar are originated from…

XinJiGongLue magnetic mask/新肌攻略磁泥面膜分享篇

I came across this magnetic facial mask not too long ago via an online merchant and I intended to buy and use!

Lucky me, I manage to try it on my own ;)



The brand is called Xin Ji Gong Lue, a product originated from Korea  我试用的是新肌攻略牌子,来自于韩国

One box consist of 10 small sachets (8g each) of the mask, together with a plastic scrap (left) and the magnetic stone (right). Use it twice a week is good enough.  一盒里有10包磁泥面膜,附送一个刮棒还有主角 -> 磁石。

Methods of use and all related details are provided at the back of the box (In mandarin)   所有关于面膜的资料都一一印在盒子后,绝对正品 ^^

The main functions of the mask include: - Nourishing - Deep cleansing - Oil control - Hydrating - Brightening   - removing soft black heads 

- 给予肌肤养分 - 深层洁净 - 补充水分 -  控油 - 提亮肤色  一星期用1-2次就足够了~

Now let's see how to use this magnetic mask! 
Clean your face and apply a layer of toner, then apply the mask evenly onto the face using the plastic scrap provided, and wa…

Counting down....

Only 17 more days to bid farewell to 2016!! OMG!
Time really flies though I am doing the same routine almost everyday, LOL!
Lots of things I wish to do next year, traveling, getting fitter, blog more, becoming a better person, make more babies money and etc etc~ Shall write more about it in a separate post~ 😄
Ok, time isn't really enough, got to go, see you all soon!