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Whats up!

There are more and more eateries springing up like mushrooms in Taiping, in the recent 2 years I notice.

I get to know most of them from Facebook, sharing among friends...
Sometimes I intend to try, but some already close down even before I get a chance, LOL!

Anyway, this is the recent one we visited.

It's called Monday Brew. Located in the center of Taiping town, very strategic location I must say.
Decorations are simple, yet quite nice
It was a Friday noon, not crowded at all
Aden wanted yogurt, little brother followed as well~
I had cream sauce spaghetti, nothing very special to shout about~ (Then we ordered 3 glasses of sky juice, FOC, haha)  They serve other spaghetti too, and some snacks, like fries and cakes. More on drinks like espresso, since I am not a coffee fan at all so nothing to do with me, haha!

Oh hi from yours truly ;) (Photo taken by Aden, not bad eh?) 

Forever my cheeky boy!

Enjoying their fries with ketchup~

Their tagline on the window, 'There's n…
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Of temples

I am a Buddhist and though not a very superstitious and holy ones, I do pray and ask for ang kong's blessing too 😛

During the recent Nine Emperor Gods festival, I drove to Butterworth's famous Tow Boo Kong temple (斗母宫).
It was my first time there, heard so much about this magnificent temple and finally, I got to witness its beauty!

Not hard locating this temple, Waze! xD
It was near to 7pm when we arrived, not a very good evening as it started to drizzle! But luckily just for a while...

The inside of the temple is really beautiful and well maintained!
And it's huge and somehow 'cooling' in there! Probably due to the weather~

My parents, aunties and 2 sons followed too! Yep, it was quite happening in the car, haha!

I asked for ang kong's blessing, prayed that family and I stay healthy and safe always!

After praying, we walked to the opposite food stalls to have our vegan dinner. No food photos :p The food choice is quite a lot there compared to Taiping, b…