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Yoga workshop

If you have been following my blog, you shall know that I am a yoga lover!
Last weekend, I attended a yoga workshop organized by a yoga member and it was so much fun! The instructor is Xiao Jing from Penang.
Before starting the workshop, Xiao Jing first explained to us about her style of teaching in order to achieve a proper head stand and hand stand
Also demonstrated to us some proper yoga poses
We also did a few rounds of meditation to warm up the body
As I mentioned, this workshop focused on doing head stand and hand stand on our own, so we must learn the right technique and engage in proper position, without hurting ourselves
Besides using the strength from the arms and shoulders, core muscle plays an important role too! Though I have been learning yoga for many years now, I still cannot perform a proper headstand or hand stand on my own xD After the workshop, I still cannot do it. But, at least I know a better and safer way now. All I need is practice practice and practice…
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Movie review: Spiderman Homecoming (2017)

image source
My boy whole body of Spiderman came watching his idol haha!

Aden has been pestering me to bring him to watch Spideman since he saw the poster in newspaper.  Too bad he was down with fever during the first week when the movie is released.
He is alright now, so I went on a mother-and-son movie date with him last Saturday noon.
I asked him before, of all superheroes, which is his favorite, first time answered me Spiderman. Then I asked again some times later, still Spiderman, so I guess I can confirm his favorite would be Spiderman haha!
When I saw the new Spiderman Tom Holland appeared in the last Avenger movie, I din't really like him due to his witty character, I prefer the more serious Tobey Macguire.  I actually don't plan to watch this installment, I was only accompany my son xD Anyway, this movie wasn't that boring than I expected. It appears to be more fun and interesting with the appearance of Iron Man, no complicated storyline too. Overall, it's w…

Burgers & lobsters at Genting

Family and I traveled to KL during the recent Raya holidays, and we went up hills to Genting Highlands for a day trip.
Main reason,

Burgers & lobsters ;)

Since it was a public holiday, traffic wasn't so smooth traveling up the hills. A lot of cars, a lot of people! Lucky the kids were asleep in the car so we traveled peacefully ;)

The first stop is to quickly queue at the burgers & lobsters outlet! *kiasu mode on* 😀
The gentlemen (hubby, FIL and BIL) volunteered to queue, so us the ladies (MIL, SIL and myself) brought the kids to walk around Sky Avenue.

Little brother Toby tend to bring along his stinky pillow out these days *pengsan

Aden was the most excited ones because we told him we are going shopping!! xD

One hour passed and still it wasn't out turn 😅  Luckily there are many lobsters in the tank to keep the kids distracted, also this curved board outside the shop which the kids thought was a slide, LOL! 

So we waited for about 75 minutes and finally, it was…

Toby boy (2y2m)

Hello from my little naughty boy Toby!

Time flies, he is now 2 years 2 months young! Still remember how I gave birth to him, and all the hard works of breastfeeding him and etc etc....
He is as playful as his big brother, and very cheeky too! Also, his tantrum, almost everyone in the family is scared of him..... >.< 

See, looking at his face you can tell he is actually cheeky and mischievous, in Hokkien we call 'guai lan' xD 

And so because of his naughtiness, he sometimes got beaten by his daddy! Well, no doubt he is really naughty, but my heart aches whenever I see daddy's finger's marks on his hands! But then again, he really drives me nuts sometimes! We try to be patient and talk to him, even warn him, but he just won't listen~ *pengsan* (Not easy dealing with this terrible-two!)
Similar to his brother, Toby loves water! I think if we don't stop him, he can be in the water for hours....
I think almost all toddlers know yoga naturally haha! My kids i…


不知不觉Aden 上幼稚园也有半年多了~

上了学校,节目自然而然也多了~ 就像上个星期的家长日~




 。。 和敬茶。。。



 真的觉得我的大宝贝长大了!  虽然很想念他小时候的样子不过孩子总要长大嘛 (要不然咧 哈哈!!xD)

 Aden也接触了不少手工~ 父亲节那天在学校做了手工卡送给爸爸~

 前两个星期我也去领了他的成绩报告单 (才5岁就开始考试了,天啊!我才发现以前的我们有多么幸福!现在的教育实在不简单!可怜了孩子们~)


 致我的大宝Aden, 妈妈没有要求你考的很优秀很优秀。只重要尽力了,乖乖听话,懂事就好。 还有就是少点发脾气,多让弟弟,嘻嘻嘻!!