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The start of my Bangkok travelogue

Date: 22/12/17-25/12/17
It was quite a last minute decision.

We booked the flight tickets and hotels only about a month before the said date.
So, flight tickets cost a bomb actually, plus it was a public holiday weekend.

But hubby said never mind, once a while, LOL! xD

So, this is our first and only flight in 2017.

Hopefully this year, we get to fly also, haha! (Hope you are reading this hubby ^^)

Booked a van to fetch us to the airport~
Jalan jalan at KLIA2 before boarding~

Can't you pose properly Toby?

 This trip, 4 adults and 4 kids (2 families of 4), which to me is very manageable. Too many in a group, eat up a lot of time for waiting~ Too few, not that merry, haha~
Filled up our tummy at the food court before boarding, cause our flight did not include meals.
I guess this is a mandatory shot for anyone who travels on board, haha!!
It was an afternoon flight, and very sunny, perfect for a nap!
Didi Toby was quite well behaved, fell asleep shortly after take off, and I wo…
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Hello new year!

Hello 2018!!

It's the second week of the new year!!

Also the second week of Aden's schooling day.

He is studying in the morning class now (afternoon session last year), also the last year in kindy.

So far, he is doing alright, I only accompanied him during the first day, the rest of the days, I just dropped him and he was ok.
Big boy already, I hope he learn more and can make more new friends, enjoy the last year in kindy!

As for myself, still same as usual, just that I have to wake up earlier than usual >.<
Usually I am the last one going to bed, and the first one to wake up...
Still not so used to it yet, haha!
Sleepy la!! :p

And didi Toby, still enjoying his honeymoon at home, we decide to send him to kindy next year.
Not so good to send them to school too early, fall sick easily since their immune system isn't that strong yet.

Still drafting my Bangkok travelogue, hope can publish a post within this week! =)

I'm back!

A must tuk tuk ride in Thailand!
Hi guys! I'm back from my vacation!
But no time to write about it yet, shall wait til next year already la, haha!
Trip was fun, though tiring.

Weather is hot in Bangkok, not like what the forecast mentioned, drop to 14'C or what... >.< In fact, I guess average temperature was over 35'C throughout our stay there!
Shall write a travelogue soon.
Only 2 more days to welcome 2018!! OMG! Time really flies!
Here wishing you a happy new year 2018! I shall see you all next year!

A good wedding month & a short break




A lot of wedding receptions this month, right? We attended one last weekend, it was hubby's cousin brother~
A picture of me and my sayang before heading to the dinner. Photo taken by my photographer Aden ^^
Little Toby was not in the mood to take photo upon arrival =(
Else this would be a perfect family photo! 
Can you tell what's the letters on backdrop? WS, William and Sherlyn =)
Here's the Chan's handsome boys and pretty girl, hehehe!
My sayang, neck pain ka? Why tilted one side? xDD
My naughty son!
Cheeky Aden, just cannot take a proper photo these days
对于出席宴会呢,我有一个小小的想法。 我自己呢,如果可以,尽量不想带孩子去(至少等他们大些吧)
我的两个儿子并不是那种可以坐乖乖的小朋友。  玩具或食物顶多可以骗他们一下下而已。要他们坐着3个多小时几乎是不可能的事。  让他们自由活动太多的话也不太好。  乱跑乱追可能会跌到,或者撞到拿着食物的侍应生!  妈妈要看着他们,穿美美也没用,妆也不耐咯。。xD

That's MIL with 2 of her dear grandchildren
No hopes for nice proper photo these days, never mind, like this also jadi la!
Door gift was M&M…

Tuesday notes

Starting off with a photo of my silly boy!

Playing with wet tissue! 
School holidays left just about 2 weeks, how time flies!!
We did not do much during this school holiday... Planned to bring the kids to KL but only think, no actions taken.. haha!
Just stay at our lovely hometown for the past few weeks. Found this nice lake at Taman Suria, it's actually a backyard designed by one of the resident...
No signs like 'no entry' so I assumed it's open to public la! :p But of course, we did not vandalise anything, and kept our voices low. Fish feeding is allowed, but not fishing~
The rest of the times, we just stayed at home playing toys, and gadgets.
Big brother still wakes up late, like at 10am >.< Next year going to morning school already, how la....
Little brother Toby still can enjoy for another year, before I send him to kindergarten in 2019.
Just to share a video of them playing when it was already 12 midnight. Poor daddy and mummy, already very tired, but…





不过不懂是不是长大了,最近变得不要跟我了。让他和我一起出去面交/邮寄货物给朋友,或者买点东西,他都说不要,要在家 =_=


 上个星期我独自儿带着两个瓜去戏院~  看的是这部人人都说好看的Coco。
 这也是Toby的戏院初体验!  他很乖,全程抱着零食坐静静看。  反而Aden对一开始的pre-Frozen圣诞篇感的不耐烦,哈哈!Hmm 毕竟是男生嘛,对Anna Elsa 没兴趣 xD 一直问我为什么Coco那么久的??
Coco 这部卡通的确不错,接近结局时的确蛮感动催泪的。 而且画面也太美了吧?好colorful好梦幻呢!
--------- 上两个星期是我家abang的牛一。
 想不到要买什么蛋糕给他。就来个普普通通的好了,反正他对蛋糕没什么兴趣 xD (他对酒最有兴趣!)
 老公,祝你生日快乐,身体安康,事业顺利,心想事成! I lav you!!
 其实每次家里有人生日,最开心的就是这两个孩子 xD 所以现在的蛋糕,都要买他们喜欢的口味,蜡烛要准备两支,一人吹一支,哈哈!(基本上跟寿星公/婆没关系了 :p)

 ---------  每天在家做黄脸婆也会闷。  所以我会尽量抽空出外见见朋友聊聊天~